The BUTT blog archive, 2009 - 2016

Jack Pierson

Photography by Bruno Staub
Interview by Alex Needham
Jack Pierson began his art practice by cutting and pasting porno collage from the stacks of discarded skinmags he'd scavenge at flea markets in New York in the eighties. By the mid-nineties, he was collecting abandoned signage from the demolition intended to clean up Times Square, and putting together the text-based sculptures for which he's probably most well known. Read more

Sink the Pink

Photography by Jack Pierson
Jack Pierson would be the first to tell you: his rose-tinted worldview is best seen in the pages of handsome bound volume, or simply ripped out of a magazine. For this exclusive series, in which the photographer has generously shared his archive of male nudes and portraiture, a screen will have to do. Read more

Armpits of Berlin

Photography by George Nebieridze
'Was this the scent launched by a thousand men, and burnt the topless towers of Berlin? Here I dwell, for heaven is in these pits, and all is dross that does not perspire.' So says Nicolas, who is first up in the armpit portrait series by Berliner George Nebieridze. Read more

Writer and Rough Sleeping Stud Bond over Mutual Love of Crack

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — I was on a cross-country train trip. I’d spent the morning exploring the city, so I took the afternoon to chill at the hostel and do laundry. The laundry room was off the hallway and behind a door, quiet and private. I didn’t have many clothes left, so I stripped down to just my shorts and threw it all in. Read more

Get Read

Time to snuggle up on the cum couch and completely lose yourself in the pleasures of a seductive page-turner. This season, I'm gushing over three photo books, two fictional paperbacks, a couple works of non-fiction, and a favorite zine. Read more

Growers & Showers

Photography by Whit Forrester
Text by Danny Calvi
Up in Mendicino County, California, there's a hella-lush farm where all kinds of yummy varieties of bud can be found. Photographer Whit Forrester went there to see the workings of the farm, and to document the connection between medicinal cannabis and the queer community... Read more

Detroit Citay

Mixtape by Jeffrey Sfire
Photography by Robert Guzman
Interview by Danny Calvi
I have done a pretty good job of keeping the female vocals at bay when it comes to BUTT mixtapes, but I happily let my guard — and hair — down for this final installment from deejay and producer Jeffrey Sfire in Detroit. His BUTT mixtape is a turned-up mix of sassy party jams and New York freestyle from the techno capital of the world. Listen, download, and... Read more


Photography by Riley Johnson
Talk about waking and baking... Ryan woke up next to Riley (who also has an ass to die for, by the way) and packed a bowl of Sour Diesel from SPARC, San Francisco's 'premier' cannabis dispensary. More on that topic, as well as some more growers and showers, in the near future. Read more

Paul Soileau

Photography by Conrad Ennis
Interview by John Galvin
Performer Paul Soileau (his last name’s pronounced ‘swallow’, but with the accent on the second syllable) has been blowing people’s minds as drag-mare on Elmstreet, Christeene, for the last five or six years, ever since she elbowed her way onto the stage in 2010. Read more


Photography by Christopher Clary
Over at digital art wet spot Rhizome, Jersey-based artist Christopher Clary has uploaded a kind of desktop drama in the form of a collection of DILF-a-licious jpegs. The download, called 'Sorry to Dump on You Like This', is one of six works commissioned by Rhizome that invites the act of downloading, and uses the desktop as exhibition space. Read more

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