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Photography by Stathis Geo
On the November splash page: slice o' ass courtesy of Stathis 'Not Without My Calvins' Geo in Athens, Greece. He photographed Vasillis' tempting buns in his most treasured pair — with holes in all the right places — of Calvin Klein underwear. Read more

A Couple of Deejays

Mixtape by DJs Pareja
Photography by Joseph Echenique
Interview by Danny Calvi
Mariano and Diego, AKA DJs Pareja, are a bit like the Argentine Pet Shop Boys. They've been deejaying and producing their own music since 2004, and after two LPS and six EPs they are still going strong, both as a couple and deejay duo. Stream, listen, download, etc. Read more

30 Bottoms

Text by Danny Calvi

Beef on the Hoof
Bird Taker
Bottoming from the Top
Bottomless Pool
Brownie Queen
Bull Nurse
Butch Bottom
Cum Bucket
Gentleman Slut
Helium Heels

Read more


Photography by Milan Zrnic
Interview by Danny Calvi
In Santiago, Sebastián Silva used to come and go from an artist collective, a house rented from some Catholic nuns downtown. By the time he was eighteen, he was experimenting with shrooms and rapping in hippy-hop band CHC… I met Sebastián at his apartment in Brooklyn just as his most recent film, Nasty Baby, about a gay couple trying to conceive with their female BFF, hits screens. Read more


Photography by Georg F.W. Rohlfing
25-year-old student Marius in Berlin (originally from Tromsø, Norway) sometimes moonlights as a mushroom forager to earn a bit of pocket money. Here he is in Schorfheide, a so-called biosphere reserve in Brandenburg, near the Polish border. Read more

Prem Sahib

Photography by Mark Blower
Text by Danny Calvi
It's Frieze Week in London, and BUTT's placing all bets on Prem Sahib, not that it's a competition or anything. It's just that his show at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, full of alluring surfaces and innuendos, is such a fascinating deconstruction of gay space, while his more petit, adjunct show at Southard Reid confirms Prem's status as this season's go-to guy for conceptual art. Read more

Happy Ending

Text by Calvin Corvidian
Photography by Marek Procházka
'Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit' by Calvin Corvidian is quite possibly the first ever English as a Second Language book that you don't have to pretend to be straight to read. Calvin, who is both a teacher of other ESL teachers and lifelong student of languages, set out to write a novelette with learner levels in mind, and one directed specifically at gay guys. Read more


Photography by Pawel Tkaczyk
Pawel Tkaczyk from Warsaw, Poland submitted this photo of 20-year-old Gracjan sitting very comfortably in Wojtek's sleek backwash unit. Wojtek, a hairdresser by trade, is 31-years-old. Read more


By Boytronic
Synthpop act Boytronic was 'founded by accident' in 1983 by an underage Holger Wobker and Peter Sawatzki in Hamburg, Germany. Their best-known hit 'You', which peaked at number ten in German charts, just got a grand re-issue treatment from Josh Cheon's Dark Entries Records. Stream the seven-minute, 12-inch remix and... Read more


Mixtape by Chris Cruse
Photography by Daniel Trese
Interview by Danny Calvi
There hasn't been a Spotlight party since May and expectations are sky high. Spotlight (the name of the party a comment on how L.A. nightlife had sadly become all about social media hogging) has quietly charmed the pants off L.A. homos and a cute line-up of international deejay talent, dropping in after hours and staying til sunrise. So hooray that Spotlight's finally switched back on this Saturday, and that for the occasion, resident Chris Cruse has recorded a yummy hour-long mixtape — one, you could say, for the water crowd. Read more
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