Frank’s L.A.

Photography by Christopher Schulz
Text by Danny Calvi
Christopher from Pinups mag came over to Frank's place and shot him, but didn't shoot on him.

A Southern California native myself, I often long for an outdoor Sunday beer bust at a favorite levi-leather bar, a drive-thru burger, or an exclusive pool party at the home of some fab Hollywood queen. Much of what’s interesting in Los Angeles is happening behind closed doors, so it pays to take time to get to know a homo in the know, which brings us to Mr. Rodriguez. First published in October 2010, Frank’s L.A. Fag Map gets an update this week with ten new additions.

In the new map, you get an all-access guide to West Hollywood’s least ‘plastic’ and ‘anal bleached’ hotspots, a dancehall for gay vaqueros (Mexican cowboys, that is), and a laid-back patio grill for beachbums in Venice. Know-it-all queer theorists will want to cruise the stacks at the gayest library in the world, plus two horny newsstands after they’ve researched their brains out. Frank even advises on a once-in-a-lifetime visit to a bathhouse — yes, they still exist in Southern California.

Before Prop 8 spoiled all the fun, Frank married gingerbear Patrick. Sorry guys… They have been known to step outside the sanctity of marriage every now and then though. When they’re not at home soaking in the hot tub and landscaping the yard with drought tolerant succulents, they love a good road trip. It’s the best way to find exotic desert rocks and cacti for their garden, or a secret hot spring or undiscovered thrift shop in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.

Frank is a collector by nature. He collects ’70s Japanese watches, Adidas shell toe sneakers, and owns every issue of Viva magazine, Penthouse’s answer to Playgirl (where Anna Wintour freelanced as fashion director before she hit the jackpot). Besides looking after the L.A. Fag Map, Frank has been a contributor since 2007 when he interviewed and photographed legendary pornographer Joe Gage for BUTT 19. More recently, he caught up with fellow cruiser, Chad States.

The new L.A. Fag Map is here. Fag Maps for Berlin, Brussels, London, Mexico City, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and São Paulo are here.