Funny Guy

Photography by Danny Calvi
There goes David along St. Giles Street after some bibimbap...

Comedian David Mills has come a long way from his humble beginnings at coffee houses and open mic nights in San Francisco. Since he won Hackney Empire’s coveted New Comedy Act award last year, David’s established himself on the stand-up circuit as one seriously funny guy. Catch him this week in London when he opens for fag hag Margaret Cho.

What’s so funny about David Mills? Take two parts Joan Rivers, a pinch of Lenny Bruce, one part Sandra Bernhard, with just a smidgen of Ladysmith Black Mambazo and you’re almost there. Like most Americans, David has no shame and isn’t afraid to make an ass of himself. Nor is he opposed to subjecting a few lucky audience members to his provocative wit. Pick me! Pick me!

David Mills tells some jokes in London this week when he opens for Margaret Cho at the Leicester Square Theatre from tonight, Friday 26 October through 31 October.