That’s a clip from the new video from ginger enthusiast António Da Silva. It was only when the Portuguese filmmaker moved to East London a few years ago that he fully realized his attraction to red-haired guys. We had to know: Is it true what they say about redheads? Red on top, fire down below…

It is, apparently. Some of António’s most intense sexual experiences have been with ginger men. Just imagine his delight when he arrived in Ireland to begin filming, and found that most Irish men have at least some red hair in their beards. For a guy like António, just a patch of auburn hints at buried treasure.

For his film, António actually shot twenty-four different redheads from Ireland, Britain, Germany, Israel, Portugal and Brazil. They’re rare, but red-haired men do exist in Brazil and Portugal, and António tells us that the ones he hooked up with from those two countries were probably the most enthusiastic of all his subjects. ‘They had this need to speak about their difference,’ he says.

That Enigma-esque Gregorian chanting in the soundtrack is by young tenor Adam.

Gingers will premier on Sunday 14 April 2013 at Fringe! a LGBT film festival in London as part of their shorts program. It will be screened at IndieLisboa’13 the following week on 22 April 2013.