John Waters at Frieze

Text by Danny Calvi
This giant bottle of poppers is actually an artwork by John Waters called 'Rush'. And in case you were wondering... Yes, John is a Rush man. He's got a lifetime supply of them in his refrigerator.

BUTT fans who find themselves at the Frieze Art Fair in London this weekend might want to consider attending ‘Sturtevant in Conversation with John Waters’ as part of Frieze Talks, a daily program of lectures and discussions presented by the good people at the Frieze Foundation. The director’s brilliance never ceases to amaze, and we feel confident it’ll be in full bloom this weekend when the two sit down to chat on the topic on stupidity.

‘Sturtevant in Conversation with John Waters’ happens this Saturday, 13 October at 5 P.M. GMT in London. More info at the Frieze Foundation website.