Photography by Danny Calvi

Ever since the best night in East London — R.I.P. Macho City at Joiner’s Arms — shut down, BUTT’s been at a loss for what to do with itself on any given Thursday night in Shoreditch. Then Jonny Woo’s totally local and hands-on approach to promoting his new night caught our eye. The British love a good singalong, especially after a few pints.

From this Thursday onwards, Woo brings his talent for playing spoons and carrying a tune to local boozer The Birdcage for an evening of campy singalongs. Naturally, there will be cross-dressing men and the usual sick-fuck posturing. Butt readers will remember Woo from April 2004 when he graced the cover of BUTT 10 in a rather fancy-pants getup at local Regency Cafe.

If in London, head down to The Birdcage after 8 PM. It’s at 80 Columbia Road in Bethnal Green, London E2 7QB.