Danny: What do you do at Lust Films?
Noel: I am the production assistant and editor. So I am very used to making interviews with actors and actresses like this, by Skype, because most people we work with are from outside Barcelona. Mostly, I’m the editor, but this is a little company so I end up doing everything.
So your job is to look at porn all day.
Yeah, straight porn, so I can feel nothing. It’s like if an editor of a dramatic film would start crying while he’s editing the dramatic film. Just as the actresses are not always turned on while they are fucking. Most of the time they are only pretending, you know.
I guess it’s easier to pretend when you’re a woman.
Yeah, that’s the point.
But then again, these days, with Viagra…
Yeah, but it’s more difficult to find men who can stay hard.
You’re busy making your own films…
I’m just starting to interview the guys for my third film.
And will they be two guys that already know each other, like in ‘Eloi & Biel’?
Well, this is the most easy for me. If I use two guys who know each other, the sex is going to be better. I am a very independent film director, so I need everything to work on the day. If there are two guys, it’s more cheap than three, or four… Because I prefer to pay them. It would be great to make an orgy! I wish…
How much does one cost? A pornstar, say, per day…
It depends who they are working with. An in demand actor for an American company, they may get maybe a thousand or seven hundred dollars per day. Here in Spain, we used to pay a lot of money. But I’m a small company… I pay a fair rate. Last time, I paid like three hundred euros per guy. For me, three hundred euros is a lot of money. They wanted to do it for free…
Three hundred sounds okay. I mean, if you were gonna have sex anyways…
Yeah, but if you’re telling someone what they have to do, when you are asking someone to come this day, to be here at this hour… And I’m probably going to make money from the films. If I didn’t pay the actors, I won’t feel like those images are mine.
Do you think that porn has been devalued, because there’s so much of it available for free online?
No, there are still many people who pay for porn. All porn is for fast eating. I’m making something which is not really porn, it’s just cinema. Don’t get me wrong, I love normal porn, but that’s for one reason: because you want to get excited. I watch normal porn every day.
Haven’t you had enough once you’ve left Erika Lust headquarters?
No, no. It’s not erotic, being at work…
When do you most enjoy watching porn?
When I’m alone, of course. No boyfriends, no nothing…
Are you single?
Yes. When you’re alone you can just be yourself, there’s nobody interrupting…
What about music in porn films? Is it important?
Music is mostly used in porn to make the uncomfortable silence disappear. But in cinema, you want those uncomfortable silences. In ‘Eloi & Biel’, the music has a role, a reason to be there. I don’t know how to say it in English, but in Spanish we say extradiegética
Do you have a favorite porn star?
No. I never consume porn to remember the names on the tape. Porn is boring, it’s always going to be porn — thank god. I just want to introduce more natural sex in cinema.
What about your nipples… Are they super-sensitive?
Fuck yeah!
Is that why you pierced one?
No, I pierced it because, when I was 14-years-old, my dad didn’t want me to pierce my ear, so if I did it on the nipple, I could hide it from him. I did it in a clothing store with a boyfriend.
You had a boyfriend when you were fourteen?
How old was he?
He was like thirty, maybe more… He paid for everything. I can remember they tried to give me an injection, an anestésico. How do you say aguja?
And the needle gets — how do you say, doblar…? The needle bent! The needle bent because I was so hard, so excited! Can you imagine that? The guy doing the piercing said it was the first time he’d seen something like this.
I guess he had to get a bigger gauge.
Yeah, definitely.
Do you still prefer to date guys twice your age?
Sometimes… I don’t care that much about age. It’s bit embarrassing talking so much about me.