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Gert Jonkers

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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BUTT: What makes a beautiful foot?

Gert: Feet aren't really the most beautiful part of a man's body (unlike hairy chests, penises, etc) so it's quite hard to say what makes a beautiful foot. I guess a good foot is neither too small nor too big, and shouldn't be boney. Oh well!

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    ANTHONY  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Thank you, Gert!

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    TERENCE  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Thanks for the add Gert!

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    VICTOR  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Thanks for the add handsome :D

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    DANIEL  ·  5 years ago  · 

    “I love the aesthetic of the masculine body” – Mr. Polaroid.

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    JUAN  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Loved the Gore interview, Mr. Culo!

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    JO  ·  5 years ago  · 

    thx for the add
    also keep an eye on my tumblr (
    Penis is on of the most beautiful part in a man’s body , i guess…!

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    ANTONIO  ·  5 years ago  · 

    so sexy hope we hook up next time im in Amsterdam-WOW!!!!

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    CHARLIE  ·  7 years ago  · 

    hi Gert, i love your articles. Bravo

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    SUN  ·  7 years ago  · 

    just noticed how many fans u have

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    ANDREI  ·  8 years ago  · 

    I love to work you do: A tribute to common homosexuality.
    Thanks and take care.

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    FRITZ  ·  8 years ago  · 

    Love the new website! (and the mesh shirt)
    I’ll give you a ring when back in NL in Dec.

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    FELIX B  ·  8 years ago  · 

    Especially in that mesh shirt!

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    CESAR PADILLA  ·  8 years ago  · 

    this guy is really hot!!!


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