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Quimbaya, Colombia
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BUTT: What do you wear when you work out?

Eduardo: when i get excited and feel energy rushing through i get up and clim a tree, or clean the kitchen, or do some pushups, you ?
BUTT: i usually wear that *bob-the-builder* patterned jock strap.
Eduardo: what !? that sounds beautiful !! i am yet to own my own jock strap, fuck
BUTT: about time kid ... fart : P

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    MAX  ·  5 years ago  · 

    What’s with all the friendly Colombians here? Have you noticed the preponderance?

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      EDUARDO  ·  4 years ago

      hmm havent actually noticed~
      Though it could be one of those effects where, when you become friends with one or a couple you start seeing more, or they start seeing you more….
      i wanna go swim at mystic lake with you guys as soon as we all feel comfortable with the weather !

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      MAX  ·  4 years ago

      Yes, Yes! Or even to Crane — seems almost like a dream.

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      MAX  ·  3 years ago

      And we never did go, did we. Did you mean to leave the fan here?

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    ERIK  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Glad you like my work Edwuardo!I’m always glad to have a new fan. I uploaded some photos from our gallery opening last Friday night. Cheers!

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    ANDREW  ·  6 years ago  · 


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    AUSTIN  ·  6 years ago  · 

    I have a whole new batch of ladies to write a play for.

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    EDUARDO  ·  6 years ago  · 

    muchacho lleno de miedos
    las situaciones pacientemente
    le enseñaron a confiar en sus fragilidades
    sus fragilidades siguieron en efecto
    y las ganas de comer pasteles y dulces solo aumentan
    en soledad perpetua con interrupciones superficiales y breves

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    ERIK  ·  6 years ago  · 

    I don’t know about photography &arts, but your photos are nice and surprising. Chapeau!

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    BRIAN  ·  6 years ago  · 

    Oh man you are super cute.


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