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Heinz Peter Knes

Berlin, Germany
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The cover star of BUTT #6 lives in Berlin and is an astonishing photographer. Nobody shoots sex like Heinz shoots. What's more, Heinz looks good even when he looks bad. We hate him for that. So much for jealousy.

BUTT: Who were your teenage heroes?

Heinz Peter: Brigitte an untouchable photomodel always in high heels that lived at the end of the street.

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    DAVID JUDE  ·  4 years ago  · 

    hello :)

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    JORGE  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Thanks for the add. DonĀ“t stop with sexy photos !

  3. Profile picture
    JORGE  ·  5 years ago  · 

    love your photos !

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    BERLIS  ·  6 years ago  · 

    sexy and really nice photos!

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    BISHAN  ·  6 years ago  · 

    Thanks for the add. Love your photographs!

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    GUILLAUME  ·  6 years ago  · 


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    RICKI  ·  6 years ago  · 

    Hello Heinz! Hope all is well ;)

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    BMK  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Heinz! I’m so close, yet so far away.

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    JOHNNIE  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Did you know that Flamingos form both male and female homosexual pairs? The bond is expressed through shared activities, such as feeding and traveling together, calling in unison, helping each other in aggressive encounters against other birds, and sleeping side by side.


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