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Mainz, Germany

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BUTT: Does your work ever get in the way of your relationships?

Martin: once I was just about to hit on a colleague but fortunately realised a bit later that it wouldn't be that clever for an apprentice to get his hands on a colleague who's taken and twice your age.
so now I'm all, don't fuck your colleagues, don't fuck the friends of your friends and especially don't fuck the parents of your friends.

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    GEORGE  ·  4 months ago  · 

    Hot Guapo

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    FAUSTO  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Yo mate!

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    RICCARDO  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Hi! I’m moving to Beijing too within a week :)

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      MARTIN  ·  4 years ago

      I guess that time I had already moved to Kunming :-x

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    O))I  ·  6 years ago  · 


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    O))I  ·  7 years ago  · 

    even not the hot parents?

    still in beijing. ;)

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    HENRY  ·  7 years ago  · 

    hi in beijing?

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    HORST  ·  7 years ago  · 

    oh ha

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    PAUL  ·  8 years ago  · 


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    ROBERT  ·  8 years ago  · 

    sexy as fuck

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    MARCCKO  ·  8 years ago  · 

    They lose their minds, the way i wind, i think it’s time

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    HENRIK OLAI  ·  8 years ago  · 

    being human that is my crime

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    DAVIEL  ·  8 years ago  · 

    brilliant answer.

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    WILL  ·  8 years ago  · 

    the better to make fun of the french, my boy.!

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    WILL  ·  8 years ago  · 

    (in a french accent) buut, fuck-ing your fwiends of fwiends is onwy nat-ur-al…

    haha, how’s frankfurt martin?

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    NICK  ·  8 years ago  · 

    On fucking the parents of your friends, think of the power you gain

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    ARNI  ·  8 years ago  · 

    cute answer to your question.

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    BJöRN  ·  8 years ago  · 

    Du, keine Ahnung.. was hab ich denn da geschrieben? Und wieso ist mein Bild so pixelig?

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    ANASTASIO  ·  8 years ago  · 

    ok. I wouldn’t like to be your colleague, your friend or a friend of your friends… What would that make me, apart from a stranger?
    p.s. I could totally put my hands on you – whatever the cost! You are actually cost-worthy! Hahah

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    HENRIK OLAI  ·  8 years ago  · 

    Mainstation southish

  20. Profile picture
    HENRIK OLAI  ·  8 years ago  · 



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