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Vannes, France
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bear - fat - furry -friendly and instagram addict (follow me as monsieurhairy)

BUTT: What’s your shower routine like? Do you wash your face first, or your body or hair?

J-C: i always start by cleaning my cock and my hole ! about my hair well cleaning furr is essential for a bear, right ?

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    J-C  ·  3 years ago  · 

    recently i’m on instagram, follow me as monsieurhairy ! see you all there…

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    J-C  ·  5 years ago  · 

    anytime Mikey i’m your man ! sorry for the late reply – big furry hugs to you my friend

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    DAN  ·  5 years ago  · 

    thanks for the comment, and have to say your are damn sexy, love the hairy chest

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    J-C  ·  6 years ago  · 

    hey alfredo god you are very good looking man you are ! will add you in my pall list big furry hugs


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    BAR  ·  7 years ago  · 

    awesomely incredibly completely handsomely sexy… and i love you fur and face and glasses

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    GIANLUCA  ·  7 years ago  · 


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    DIDIER  ·  7 years ago  · 

    La Bigoudaine on Butt!!!!

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      J-C  ·  7 years ago

      yeah breizhonneg power !

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    J-C  ·  7 years ago  · 

    if you are on Twitter, please follow me as @Bearbreton

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    J-C  ·  7 years ago  · 

    je t’en prie mon cher Jan ! A bientot à Paris et au plaisir de te rencontrer habillé ou non ! bear hugs

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    JAN  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Bonjour J-C, merci pour ton invitation!


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      J-C  ·  7 years ago

      salut jan merci de m’avoir repondu – bises viriles

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    J-C  ·  7 years ago  · 

    new pics added let me know what you all think about them ? big burly furry hugs xxx

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    J-C  ·  7 years ago  · 

    hi everybody off to paris for Pride, any butt buddies going there ? you will find me with les Ours de Paris (paris bear group)…

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    VITO  ·  8 years ago  · 



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