Adam: Oh look! You are clean-shaven now but your picture on Buttheads is with a moustache. You look so different. Why did you shave?
Kevin: My dad made me really paranoid that I would get cavity searched at the airport, and he was like, ‘You have to shave. They’re going to think you have drugs.’ But I don’t even take drugs, really.
What prompted the trip?
I’m originally from Uruguay, although I was born in Australia. All my family is up there. I want to see them again, plus I just want to travel.
Presumably there’s more traveling than just South America, right?
I’m going to Uruguay, then Argentina, then the US and Europe. In the US, I’m going to LA first, then up to San Fran, then after that I’m going to Tennessee because I heard about this mad, kind of queer alternative commune where I’m going to stay for a while.
The Short Mountain?
Yeah, yeah, the Short Mountain.
What color suitcase do you have and how big is it?
It’s blue, and it’s big. It’s the most ugliest backpack. I just bought it.
What kind of guys do you tend to go for?
I like it when guys have some sort of passion, some creative thing that drives them. A lot of my exes have been in bands, done music stuff or whatever. A large penis would be nice, as well.
Sex-wise, what’s your guy-average, in a week?
It depends on the week I guess. Usually it’s at least one person.
So you generally have sex with about 52 people a year?
Shit. Yeah, I guess so.
Final question, can you tell me what you see in the picture below?

First thing I saw is a man bending over displaying his arse, though, I feel that has more to do with the fact that it’s sent by BUTT magazine… Now I see a nice little nomadic cottage.