Honey Sound System

Anyone who has bemoaned the lack of ‘the LOVE’ in gay club culture, clearly hasn’t lost their shit on the floor to Honey Sound System. The homo DJ collective have always based their parties on fostering a genuine sense of community tied to SF’s rich contributions to dance music history, whether feting the late Hi-NRG producer/synth whiz Patrick Cowley, or reviving the long lost resource of the DJ record pool. But the Honey boys also have their ears closely attuned to dance music’s future, frequently bringing in up-and-coming queer producers and DJs as guests. Then there’s the music: an always delightfully surprising mix of classics, of-the-moment re-edits, and new bangers-in-the-making. As for the mostly male crowd: sweet and sticky, just like honey. They just recently moved the party to a new location at the Holy Cow on Folsom. Good luck going home alone.