The Magazine is one of those stores you want to keep to yourself and share with only the select few because you’re afraid its magic will fade if too many others start seeking it out. In truth, this Tenderloin institution’s charms are something of an open secret (hey, it’s been featured on this very site), but that hardly diminishes them. In addition to very reasonably priced back issues of such glorious former fagmags as After Dark or Mandate, this shrine to printed matter also stocks lots of vintage yank mags (the selection ranges from Freshman to Drummer) in addition to plenty of verbal smut (well loved collections of Boyd McDonald’s always reliably filthy STH are readily on hand). There are also more pedestrian titles such as Vogue and Sports Illustrated to browse through. Stick to the adult material, though, and you can’t go wrong: the ‘x-rated’ box of found, anonymous photographs alone is worth the visit.