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Owen Myers
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Hey guys,
I’m Owen, your intrepid Fag Map reporter in London. I’m 24 and spend most of my time writing about music, cycling around the city and getting unrealistic crushes. A few years ago, London’s gay scene revolved around dress-up-and-dance nights, but lately there’s been a return to friendly, local fag bars like The Nelson’s Head and The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, which suits me just fine.


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  1. Profile picture
    DAN  ·  10 months ago  · 

    In London til Sunday. Where can a guy go to meet like minded man sluts in town?

  2. Profile picture
    TONY  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Join up to Naked Mates…a great UK based interactive community for men who like to get naked with other men

  3. Profile picture
    SULEY  ·  1 year ago  · 

    will be in london between feb 8-15. any recommendations?

  4. Profile picture
    PRSHâNT  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Will be in London the 11th June for three nights. Is there anything special going on in London on these dates?

  5. Profile picture
    ED  ·  2 years ago  · 

    true !

  6. Profile picture
    JONATHAN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Needs an update! several things aren’t there anymore…

  7. Profile picture
    DAMIAN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    By the way, Hampstead Heath has been the most famous British cruising groud since XVI century (!) at least, there are PhDs written about it. So no idea where the author got “the past 50 years” :P

  8. Profile picture
    PETER  ·  4 years ago  · 

    The Nelson is now closed and you need to post The Glory. I hardly ever leave the house and I know this. Please update.

      • Profile picture
        TRISTAM  ·  4 years ago

        well said

      • Profile picture
        DAMIAN  ·  3 years ago


  9. Profile picture
    LIAM  ·  4 years ago  · 

    When was this last updated? I’ve recently moved to London and there’s so much more to see.

  10. Profile picture
    ADRIAN  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Hey I’m coming to London on a Wednesday in May to go see a show called Shock Treatment. What kind of things can I do afterwards?

      • Profile picture
        DAMIAN  ·  3 years ago

        all sorts

  11. Profile picture
    PIERRE  ·  4 years ago  · 

    In London from the 6th of March to the 8th

  12. Profile picture
    SAMMI  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Will be in London for Frieze art fair. Anyone else going? Hit me up :)

      • Profile picture
        MIKE  ·  4 years ago

        yes I’m about

  13. Profile picture
    NITT  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Double room avail, from Oct 2014, SE1, Borough nr London Bridge, flat share with 1 other (me!).

  14. Profile picture
    JOSH  ·  4 years ago  · 

    In London September 13-18th / looking for an adventure or two.

  15. Profile picture
    IGOR  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Hey moving in tonight to London for three months looking for new friends :) (I’m also looking for a cheap room around East London so if you know anything that’d be nice!)

  16. Profile picture
    JAMIE  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Hey. I’m happy to meet up.

  17. Profile picture
    JAMIE  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Hello guy’s. I need someone to go clubbing with. My friends are all settling down.

  18. Profile picture
    KOSTAS  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Looking for freelance design work in London. Graphic designer who’s heavily into branding and packaging. PM me more!
    Thanks guys!

  19. Profile picture
    KOSTAS  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Hey guys! New to this butt business!
    Everybody seems real nice!

  20. Profile picture
    F.  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Visiting first 10 days in november.. any butt leader? ;)

  21. Profile picture
    AMRI  ·  5 years ago  · 

    visitng 1-6th oct! anyone?!

  22. Profile picture
    NEAMOSCOU  ·  5 years ago  · 

    I am a young franco-russian photographer looking for boys in London for a shoot. I’ll pay you with free film photographs. Any ideas? Text me in private. (here’s my work –

  23. Profile picture
    NATE  ·  5 years ago  · 

    hi guys, i was wondering if u could help a brother comin to town in a few weeks (oct 3rd -oct 7th) with my best friend and we re looking for a place to stay! can u recommend any hostel or room or do u perhaps know smbody who is offering? we re pretty easy and just need a space on a floor ;)let me know and thanks, nate

  24. Profile picture
    NAVI  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Hello guys :)

  25. Profile picture
    PETER MAX  ·  5 years ago  · 

    I’m coming to town September 6th – 12th or so. Looking to meet new people and especially those willing to show the queer art and performance/music spots.

  26. Profile picture
    ANDREW  ·  5 years ago  · 

    What about the Vauxhall Griffin?

  27. Profile picture
    NITT  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Double room avail, SE1, Borough nr London Bridge, flat share with 1 other (me!), available for 4 months, Sept. to Dec.

  28. Profile picture
    MARK  ·  5 years ago  · 

    Anybody want to give me a summer job??

  29. Profile picture
    JONAS  ·  5 years ago  · 

    I am looking for an internship in architecture for at least 6 months and up to 12 in London starting from the 1st of August or September. I have a motivation letter and portfolio ready to show! If anyone has a clue or contact I would be more than glad!?

  30. Profile picture
    JOHAN  ·  5 years ago  · 

    I need Help =)
    I have this artist friend who is kind of famous who will go to London and make a Art photo shoot . Im looking for men who would be interested of being a part of an artwork thats gonna be famous all over the world ? send me a text Hugs! All men are welcome =)

  31. Profile picture
    DESTINY  ·  6 years ago  · 

    george and gragon sucks!

  32. Profile picture
    SEAN  ·  6 years ago  · 

    visiting may 23 – 27. lookin’ for a few new pals.

  33. Profile picture
    CHARLES  ·  6 years ago  · 

    In London from the 11th to the 13th of march

  34. Profile picture
    JOHN  ·  6 years ago  · 

    There is of course another world entirely, without clothes even in winter

  35. Profile picture
    SANTI  ·  6 years ago  · 

    Eurotrash? really? I reckon you’re a big part of that trash, you brittrash…

  36. Profile picture
    SANTI  ·  6 years ago  · 

    there’s a great funny local place near South Ealing Station, West 5 is called. highly recommended!

      • Profile picture
        TOM  ·  5 years ago

        Emphasis on ‘funny’. Don’t go out of your way for it.

  37. Profile picture
    STEPHANE  ·  6 years ago  · 

    there is so much more to say about London this is far from up to date buddy !

  38. Profile picture
    ORLANDO  ·  6 years ago  · 

    FUN! what is there around notting hill??

  39. Profile picture
    ROMAIN  ·  6 years ago  · 

    I’m Looking for a sublet in LONDON from Oct 14th until oct 28th….Any suggestions are welcome.

  40. Profile picture
    ROSS  ·  6 years ago  · 

    there must be more in south London….

  41. Profile picture
    GENE  ·  6 years ago  · 

    I will be in London from the 10th to 14th. Any tips (pun intended)?

  42. Profile picture
    DAVID  ·  6 years ago  · 

    I will be in LDN Aug 19 – 29. Art/Pub/Sex tips are more than welcome.

  43. Profile picture
    DAN  ·  6 years ago  · 

    In Notting Hill for long weekend. Where to go tonight to get off with hot men? (it’s after midnight)

  44. Profile picture
    JACK  ·  7 years ago  · 

    I think The Joiners has dropped its 10 quid door entry now to a fiver. A great little guide Owen, the only placed I’d add are East Bloc near Old St, on a weekend, and Vault 139 for their naked nights on Mondays and Thursdays.

  45. Profile picture
    TIM  ·  7 years ago  · 

    I’ll be in London May 3 – May 7, any recommendations?

  46. Profile picture
    MICHAEL  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Fridays at East Bloc!

  47. Profile picture
    STANLEY  ·  7 years ago  · 

    xx thats if I’m not cruising old compton street, I’m usually pulling daddies at comptons pub xx

  48. Profile picture
    STANLEY  ·  7 years ago  · 

    luv chariots, I’m always there

  49. Profile picture
    ALASDAIR  ·  7 years ago  · 

    thanks for this – got some ideas for a trip down to London town

  50. Profile picture
    HASSAN  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Agreed with Tony. Went to the Edge last night and it was full of heterosexual Eurotrash. No thanks. However, they need to add the Eagle. HMD is awesome, but they have other great nights like Carpet Burn

  51. Profile picture
    KENNETH  ·  7 years ago  · 

    dont forget to pay KAOS @ Stunners nightclub a visit ;)

  52. Profile picture
    GEDEONE  ·  7 years ago  · 

    wow, everything sounds really good – great presentation!

  53. Profile picture
    TONY  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Lol and neither is Soho! I’d say Edge, GAY and Barcode are the definition of out of date!

  54. Profile picture
    ANDY  ·  7 years ago  · 

    This is so out of date…. : (

  55. Profile picture
    RENé  ·  7 years ago  · 

    any good party going on this weekend?? I’ll be around town ;)

  56. Profile picture
    DEME  ·  7 years ago  · 

    WORK! Shameless, rudeboy wildness. Went once, months ago, still unsure what to to think. :)

  57. Profile picture
    SULEY  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Ha! Highgate ponds.

  58. Profile picture
    ANDY  ·  7 years ago  · 

    this needs updating………….

  59. Profile picture
    PAUL  ·  7 years ago  · 

    Nelson’s head off Hackney Road is a good addition.

  60. Profile picture
    NICO ICON  ·  8 years ago  · 

    hey ! you forgot the pub George and dragon ! you know?


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