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    MARCO  ·  1 month ago  · 

    coming to paris and looking for a sexy real masseur with sensual edge. any recommendations?

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    EMMANUEL  ·  2 months ago  · 

    OK here’s a little update (January 2015):
    – Forget La Perle. People watching happens in rue de Bretagne now, which is packed with classic cafés (it’s just a few blocks further north). Saturday afternoon brunch is the right moment.
    – If you’re looking for a fun, alternative party, Flash Cocotte is still on but House of Moda (taking place at La Java in rue du Faubourg du Temple, about once a month–check out Facebook events) is a little crazier.
    – Café Bonne Nouvelle (rue du Faubourg Poissonnière) is the perfect weeknight hangout for meeting up with mostly bearded, thirty-something guys. Thursdays are the best nights.
    – After party -> Concrete (quai de la Râpée). It goes on all day long until late at night on Sundays.
    – and–arguably–there is still no better place than Rosa Bonheur on Sunday nights to watch gay Paris drop the attitude as the pints of beer go down.

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    JOSHUA  ·  3 months ago  · 

    Hey boys, I will be on cdg airport stacked 4 hours on travelling waiting to oslo if sonebody will staked too between 830 /1230 Dec 25 just lets go drink some beer and talk

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    JK  ·  4 months ago  · 

    Me and my partner wil be in Paris November 8th-15th. Would love to go for a beer, coffee, a walk, a talk, etc. So please add me :-)

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    JOSH  ·  7 months ago  · 

    In Paris September 8th-12th / hello furry French men :0

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    MARIUS  ·  10 months ago  · 

    In Paris June 2-8, anyone would like to meet?

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    KEVIN  ·  12 months ago  · 

    greetings from Chicago you french homos! I will be in Paris April 6-12, any suggestions on fun things to do? Where do all the cute and cool bearded gays hang out?

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    ERIC  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Gonna be in Troyes near Paris from May 28 to the end of June, it’d be nice to meet some people while I’m there!

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    BENJAMIN  ·  1 year ago  · 

    In one week :)

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    MATIAS  ·  1 year ago  · 

    This fag map should really need an update

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        TOM  ·  1 year ago

        So Butt guy from Paris !! What are the good spot in Paris ! (I don’t hook outside, online only.) I need more adresses !

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    FRANCESCO  ·  1 year ago  · 

    In Paris Feb. 7-10 … Looking for meeting up funny and wild wild lads :P

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    ARTHUR  ·  1 year ago  · 


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    JIM  ·  1 year ago  · 

    looking for a Paris companion next week…show me what you know

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    ANDREA  ·  1 year ago  · 

    In Paris until wednesday!

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    BARRAGAN  ·  1 year ago  · 

    rectum ! i tough was real like the movie

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    J-C  ·  1 year ago  · 

    the Keller old leather sex club reopened in Bastille you should be added to that list !

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    MAURICIO  ·  1 year ago  · 

    26-29th Set.

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    MAURICIO  ·  1 year ago  · 

    I’m in Paris now until Sunday too.

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    DAN  ·  1 year ago  · 

    I land in Paris on 22-25 September. Let’s hang out

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    DANIEL  ·  1 year ago  · 

    I’m throwing my arms around Paris 13th-15th September. Say bonjour.

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    MICHAEL  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Will be in Paris for the first time in November. Anyone willing to be my tour guide?

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    MARIUS  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Show me your Paris from 10th until 15th of September

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    MARCO  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Bonsoir à tous. Je me suis installer sur Paris jeudi et.. j’aimerais bien rencontres des nouveux butts! Drop me a line ;)

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        YANN  ·  1 year ago

        Welcome to Paris, Marco!

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    PATRICK  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Hi guys . In Paris with a friend between 3 & 8 of Sept ! Anyone to meet and show us the good places ??

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        YANN  ·  1 year ago

        Hello there. What kind of places do you want to see?

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    IVáN  ·  1 year ago  · 

    I’m in paris till friday

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    PETER MAX  ·  1 year ago  · 

    I’m coming to town August 28th – September 6th. (and back again in spurts until late September) Looking to meet new people and especially those willing to show the queer art and performance/music spots.

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    YANN  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Welcome Sebastian! Don’t forget to drink a lot, cause it’s gonna be HOT in Paris those dayzzz…

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    MARCUS  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Thanks for this curated list, Manuel. I arrived a few days ago but feeling scattered thus far. Your list seems fun and manageable. Here til Thursday if anyone wants to meet up.

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    SANTIAGO  ·  1 year ago  · 

    In Paris! I’d like to go out, walk, dance, meet new people… someone interested?

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    UMAR  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Anything worth catching between June 8-11?

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    PADDY  ·  1 year ago  · 

    GAYS OF PARIS! Where is somewhere playing Eurovision tonight? (Us homosexual Brits love it unashamedly) x

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    A R T & D O U G  ·  1 year ago  · 

    We’ll be in Paris April 28th – May 8th…

    Any suggestions?

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    JORDAN  ·  1 year ago  · 

    i’m in paris now till 4/30…any fun guys around?

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    MAURICIO  ·  2 years ago  · 

    ..any ideas?

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    BASILE  ·  2 years ago  · 

    i’m djing tonight at les souffleurs:

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    VINCENT  ·  2 years ago  · 

    New In Town, let’s meet !

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    UMAR  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Coming to Paris in June.. Any recommendations of places to stay/ party?

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    DELLASETA  ·  2 years ago  · 

    je suis passif…soumis….
    je serais à paris pour un mois , à janvier

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    RENé  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Any good parties for new years eve? Send them my way please!

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    FOX  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Visiting Paris in two days. I’ll definitely be checking out some of these places

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    BRUCE  ·  2 years ago  · 

    This map has been very helpful, especially since I am staying in the Marais. Le Depot was hot!

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    SAMMI  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Will be in Paris Sept 15-17. Any suggestions?

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    BENNETT  ·  2 years ago  · 

    anyone want to grab a drink tonight?

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    DAVID  ·  2 years ago  · 

    In Paris from Aug 29 – Sept 4. Art/Food/Bar recommendations quite welcome. Anyone wanna play?

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        CHARLES  ·  2 years ago

        wanna make some pictures?

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    BENNETT  ·  2 years ago  · 

    i’ll be in paris for three weeks beginning on friday. i love making friends :)

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        MICHAEL  ·  2 years ago

        Hey, message me if you’re bored.

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    MICHAEL  ·  2 years ago  · 

    I want to go to L’Impact in a few weeks. Any English speakers want to bring me there?

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        YANN  ·  2 years ago

        you afraid of being alone in such a place ? ok, i’ll hold your hand !

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    BALTASAR  ·  2 years ago  · 

    There are much more places than what is shown on the map. Can we add places? Like Le COX, Quetzal, Open café, l’impact etc…

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    TIM YVES MIEKE  ·  2 years ago  · 

    I will be falling in love with Parc des Buttes Chaumant all over again during my stay, 1st til 15th July. I once had stale bread, bad wine and smelly brie in the temple on the hill. ‘t was a good time, it was.

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    HIR  ·  2 years ago  · 

    i ll be in ‘vacant’ paris early in august,i know its a kinda empty,but couldnt wait for mes vacancances!

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    ED  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Leave a comment…Greetings-
    I too will be in paris this Summer , August 2012.
    Anyone interested in going on long walk with me, maybe going to the Guimet? Thank you

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    MICHAEL  ·  2 years ago  · 

    I’m going to be in Paris from the 9th July to the 13th August.

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    MORRIS  ·  2 years ago  · 

    I will be in Paris in July untill August 30th ^_^

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    TIM  ·  2 years ago  · 

    I’ll be in Paris May 7 – May 12… Any other recommendations?

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    RICH  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Why the fuck do I always forget to check this map. I always end up sitting in Quetzal, depressed and perved upon by men four times my age.

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    JORGE  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Hi guys.. I’ll be in Paris between 26th may and 06th june. French boys, write me. Jorge

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    IZAAK  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Hey, I will be in Paris from 19 til 26 march, are there any nice queer parties with indie/alternative music?

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    THIBAUT  ·  3 years ago  · 

    MANUEL, you need to actualise everything.

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    WILSON  ·  3 years ago  · 

    bears den today? ops… aujourd’hui?

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    TIAGO  ·  3 years ago  · 

    hey guys.. I’ll be in paris between 16th and 21st march.. Anyone for a coffee or a drink? :) Tiago

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        YANN  ·  3 years ago

        have a nice stay in paris, Tiago !

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    YVES  ·  3 years ago  · 

    im gonna spend my new year’s eve party in a place called “mix club”… is it cool? have no idea, im brazilian. so, if someone want to arrange a meeting just tell me ^^

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    YANN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Hey Marco ! There will be a new year’s eve party at Tilt bathhouse all nite long…

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    MARCO  ·  3 years ago  · 

    i will spend some days over the new year in Paris! What is happening Stay from 28 dec to 2 jan.
    Any one arround? Give me some hits…

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    JOHN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Flying to paris from nyc tonight. Will spend Friday night (11 Nov) in town before heading to Lyon. Ideas?

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    THIBAUT  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Trou aux Biches @ la Java
    Cathy @ Klub
    Crocodile @ la Java
    les souffleurs
    Duplex late at night on fridays and saturdays
    = <3

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    YANN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Hey Janno ! you can meet a lot of boyzzz at the annual gay picnic on the 28th of August…

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    JANNO  ·  3 years ago  · 

    In Paris for a few days at the end of August! Hope not everyone has gone on holidays..

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    YAZZ  ·  3 years ago  · 

    moving to paris in september for a year or ever….hopefully i’ll get the full gay paris experience as advertise.;-)

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    BERNARD  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Thanks, Paris. The weather was cool and the men were hot. (Yeah, I know, I can’t help it.)

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    YANN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Welcome in Paris, Daniel and Bernard !

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        BERNARD  ·  3 years ago

        Ah Yann, merci. gentil de toi. J’ai fais la connaissance de quelques parisiens tres sympa au Bears’ Den et je suis tres content.

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    DANIEL  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Paris i august anyyone? / quelqu’un a Paris en aout?

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    BERNARD  ·  3 years ago  · 

    A Paris jusqu’au fin du mois de juillet. Working alone so would be happy to have some company sometime. I speak French well enough to have an awkward conversation with many pauses but i hear my accent’s adorable. I’m relatively interesting, a writer, would like to know what’s on in film, theater, art in Paris.

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    SINDEN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    ahhh all those french boyz …….ooohh la la

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    COHEN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    I am moving to Paris in August!

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    THEO  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Coming to Paris for Christmas. Anyone want to show me around?

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    YANN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    eat at Le Bar A Manger, next to Chatelet Theatre : excellent food, inexpensive lunch, very good looking waiters…

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    DAVID  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Thinking of visiting Paris for a week in late April and or early May- hope there won’t be any strikes. Does anyone know of an inexpensive nice places to rent close to La Marais and or St Martin? And any nice places to eat?

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    DANIEL  ·  4 years ago  · 

    depends on your budget …

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    UMAR  ·  4 years ago  · 

    booked a visit to Paris in June, any recommendations on places to stay?

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    DAVID  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Paris is my favorite party city because it’s much more than a party city.

  81. Profile picture
    DANIEL  ·  4 years ago  · 

    si j’etais là … wish I were there …


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