São Paulo FAG MAP

São Paulo FAG MAP


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    RENATO  ·  1 month ago  · 

    Ola Tiago, faz tempo que nao entro aqui e fico feliz de encontrar alguem de SP!
    Se precisar de alguma ajuda é so fazer contato!

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    PAOLO  ·  3 months ago  · 





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    PIERRE  ·  9 months ago  · 

    Looking for a tattoo artist available in the end of June or around the 18th of July :-) (Rio is ok too)

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        HENRI  ·  7 months ago

        Hey, Pierre! I would recommend you two fine artists: Cubano @ Hepiderme Design or Misi @ TattooTradition.
        But you can find good studios everywhere in the city. Just ask friends or strangers with cool tattoos on the streets. :)

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        PIERRE  ·  7 months ago

        Obrigado Henri !

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    HENRI  ·  9 months ago  · 

    Urgent updates needed. {5}
    Damn, I miss Bar do Netão!

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    SILVIO  ·  10 months ago  · 

    Urgent updates needed {4}

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    REZZY  ·  11 months ago  · 

    Urgent updates needed {3}

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    FELIX  ·  1 year ago  · 

    I think these places are somewhat outdated, nowadays we have the coolest things and places in São Paulo…

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    ANUDISTA  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Stopping in in a few weeks and will be between flights. 8 hours to use…any ideas welcomed. Arriving early 07:00 morning and leaving from GRU at 16:00. Interests include cultural, photography, naked,eating, drinking,swimming, cycling, nature just hanging out with other cool buttheads.

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    LEONARDO  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Urgent updates needed {2}

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    MATHEUS  ·  1 year ago  · 

    Urgent updates needed!

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    MARTY  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Im visiting from Dec 5th, anyone want to show me around?
    Feel free to give me your tips of where to go
    Message me…

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    JACKO  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Years ago I visited a place (I don’t remember the name) close to Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo. A garden in the middle of the street; I know it was close to Avenida Paulista… When I entered there I feel a sensual feeling immediately… And a gorgeous blonde guy with slighty pants (with no underware at all) was staring at a bridge… The remind of his smile still me makes me sigh… He was a hustler, for sure; the most gorgeous hustler I’ver ever seen.

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        REZZY  ·  11 months ago

        Trianon Park (Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos), Av. Paulista 1515 (in front of Trianon-Masp station). The 1892 park is the most significant green area from the Paulista region. It combines features of a English garden with preserved Atlantic rainforest, plus contributions of Burle Marx, Clóvis Olga and Victor Brecheret

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        PAOLO  ·  3 months ago


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    YURI  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Existe algum lugar que de para comprar a edição impressa da revista em são paulo ?
    (Where I can find a print edition of the magazine in são paulo , anyone ?)

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    IGOR  ·  2 years ago  · 

    It needs some refresh about the infos! :s

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    SMJ  ·  2 years ago  · 

    There are a place, that you not commented: Sauna Le Rouge 80!
    The very clean, and the very best guys in this place!

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    DIEGO  ·  2 years ago  · 

    Im arriving the 11 august, any special recomendations ?
    someone would like to get a beer or show me places ?

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        MARCELO  ·  2 years ago

        Sure! Send me a message and I will show u everything.

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        BRUNO  ·  2 years ago

        Me too, Diego! Send me a message ando we walk on the streets of SP!

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    BRUNO  ·  2 years ago  · 

    O Bar do Netão fechou! :(

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        IZM  ·  2 years ago

        E o novo Netão não é nada comparado àquilo.

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        BRUNO  ·  2 years ago

        Pois é…

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    JOAQUíN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Anyone going to Lollapalooza? I do u.u

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        TIAGO  ·  2 years ago

        still here?

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    J.  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Muito obrigadão!

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    ALEXANDER  ·  3 years ago  · 

    where can i go to find someone to fuck or fuck me?

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        FABRICIO  ·  1 year ago

        here i’m!

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    DANIEL  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Quem quiser conhecer mais é só chamar!!!!rs

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    JUSTIN  ·  3 years ago  · 

    I only speak English and French, how hard will it be to get around when I get there?

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    BRUNO  ·  3 years ago  · 

    Há limite para a sugestão de lugares ou foi uma escolha eminentemente pessoal? Achei mega incompleta, principalmente em relação aos espaço nas proximidades da Augusta.

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        TIAGO  ·  3 years ago

        Oi Bruno, O FAG MAP SÃO PAULO não é voltado para brasileiros que moram em São Paulo, e sim para visitantes, que dispõem de pouco tempo, e deve abranger a todos os públicos gays. Foi criado no início de 2011 e realmente precisa ser atualizado. Mas vale lembrar que o site não disponibiliza de espaço para todas as opções de lazer que a cidade oferece. ;)

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        BRUNO  ·  3 years ago

        Entendi, Tiago. Ainda assim acho q tá incompleto. Hehehehe! Sem querer ser chato e já sendo, kd o Bar da Lôca??? Bom trabalho aí, Tiago!

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    BODO  ·  3 years ago  · 

    some of the information i needed. obrigado.

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        TIAGO  ·  3 years ago


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    TIAGO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Sorry David, i could not understand the meaning of your message…

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    THIAGO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    vou precisar de companhia quando chegar em SP daqui a 2 semanas :~~

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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago

        Você irá encontrar! Pode ter certeza!

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    JOSUé  ·  4 years ago  · 

    As saunas mais divertidas de São Paulo são a Le Rouge e a Thermas Amazonas.

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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago

        We have options for all …

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    IGOR  ·  4 years ago  · 

    I can’t follow this map when I was on SP. Guilty! =S

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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago

        shame ;(

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    JAN  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Alguém em Sampa disposto a me mostrar um pouco de São Paulo quando eu for aí?

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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago

        quando estiver aqui dê um toque…abraços

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        JAIME  ·  4 years ago

        Só avisar!

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    CARLOS FELIPE  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Po, eu quero conhecer Sampa.

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    CAIRO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    A LOCA é minha segunda casa, sem dúvida, rs. <3

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    FILIPE  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Nice work Tiago

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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago


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    DAVID  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Estava em São Paulo en Julho 2011. Fui no Termas Rouge 80 no bairro Clínicas. Encontrei muitos homens lindos e tinha muito sex. Maravilha. I was in São Paulo in July 2011 and went to Termas Rouge 80 in the neighbourhood of Clínicas. Met lots of good looking guys and had lots of sex. It was great.

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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago


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    IGOR  ·  4 years ago  · 

    I luv’d dis site. It’ll be very important to make some tours on SP. I came ’cause of Cairo. :p

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        CAIRO  ·  4 years ago

        the Cairo in question is me, hi!

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    ZEZE  ·  4 years ago  · 


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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago


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    FELIPPE  ·  4 years ago  · 

    In Sampa until the end of August! =D

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        TIAGO  ·  4 years ago

        lets make contact

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    TIAGO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Thanks.If u need something else, contact me…

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    TIAGO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Thanks Guys…If u guys come to SP please contact me…

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        CHICHO  ·  4 years ago

        i definitely will. If I get across from Peru…

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    JEROME  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Thanks Tiago, I would highlight UP GRADE which according to my experience is definitely the greatest sex club in the city, extremely clean and well frequented !

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    FABIO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    nothing alternative, but concetratraing 2-3k muscled queers (among other guetos) every saturday night, THE WEEK also deserves a mention on city fags map … all places mentioned are great anyways – contrags, tiago

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    TIAGO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    thanks Danilo…

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    DANILO  ·  4 years ago  · 

    Really nice, Thiago! I love those downtown spots :D


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