Punk Drummer Daniel Pitout Puts Out for Great Kissers and Dudes with Long Hair

Interview by Owen Daniel Myers

My middle name is Daniel, but I’ve never met another with the same name that I’ve liked as much as 25-year-old drummer Daniel Pitout. When we meet on a rooftop in London, just a couple of days before he goes home to Vancouver, Daniel immediately locks me in with his blue eyes and cheery, talkative nature. Because of his job — Daniel plays drums in the energetic punk band Nü Sensae and fronts another band called Eating Out — he’s always on the road, which is just fine with Daniel. After our chat, I understand for the first time how it’s possible to have a boy in every port.

Owen: How long have you been an exhibitionist?
Daniel: An exhibitionist? I don’t know if I am much of one, but I’m not a shy person. I don’t care about nudity. I think nudity is funny…
Rather than sexy?
I mean, if I see someone nude that is good looking, I think it’s sexy. But when people are nude, I usually just think it’s kind of funny. If someone was walking down the street and just wagged their dick at me, I wouldn’t be like, ‘ooh, that’s hot,’ I’d just laugh. I have very few hang-ups. Not that I think I’m hot or have a slammin’ body or anything. I just grew up not really being concerned about my body.
Did you grow up in a hippy family?
I wouldn’t really say I grew up in a hippy family, but my parents are very liberal. I never had to really be in the closet. My mother likes to go off about how much she hates the police, and my dad used to be a sound engineer and travel around with AC/DC…
Did he ever take you not the road?
No, that was in the seventies. I wasn’t born yet.
What was the naughtiest thing you did as a kid?
My brother and I used to call in death threats to people as a prank.
Oh, like that John Waters film Serial Mom — cocksucker!
Exactly! And I used to tell a lot of lies as a kid. I thought that lying was just like storytelling… When I was in nursery school — do you guys call it nursery school over here? ‘Cause in Canada they call it something else.
Yeah, we say nursery school.
I’m South African so I say it —
I didn’t realize you were South African.
Yeah, I moved to Canada in 2002. Anyway, in nursery school we used to have this thing where we would pass an orange around and say what we did on the weekend. But on the weekends, I just sat in my garden and played with G.I. Joes or whatever, so I felt like what I had to say wasn’t interesting enough so I used to tell lies. Once I said that my grandma was an avid horse rider and she fell off her horse and died. When my Mom comes to pick me up, the people at the school are like, ‘I’m so sorry to hear about your mother.’ And she’s like, ‘Why? What’s happened…?’ So from then on every time I would get the orange, I would tell the truth, and they’d be like, ‘Really Daniel? Did that really happen?’
When was the first time you were naked in public?
Very rarely. There are times that I’ve been drunk and pulled my dick out at a bar. I have very good manners, or at least I think I do, so I don’t assume that people want to see me naked.
What about when you play a show?
I’ve never been fully naked. I’ve played in my underwear once, because when I play drums I get really sweaty and hot. I take my shirt off, and then some shows I’ll take my pants off.
Why are the drummers always the hottest ones in the band?
Because we work the hardest. My Grindr profile used to have a picture of me drumming that was really horrific. I was making a really scary twisted face. And when guys would ask me to send them a photo of my dick, I would send them a picture of my thumb where a blister from drumming had come up. It looked all gnarly and fucked up.
Are you on Grindr just to tease guys?
Most of the time, I use Grindr when we’re on tour and we’re in a really weird town, and I just want to see who’s on there. It’s funny to send a joke photo, because if guys find it funny, then I’ll send a real one.
You would send a dick pic?
Oh yeah, my dick’s all over the internet. My ex-boyfriend Seth used to tweet it. I’ve modeled nude too, you know, like fashion editorials minus the clothing.
Have you ever done porn?
What’s your favorite thing to do in bed?
This is going to sound really boring, but I really like kissing, I like making out. Maybe kissing doesn’t count as a sexual activity, but making out is the best thing ever. Like, I would take making out over sex any time. I don’t like it when people don’t like kissing, I don’t understand that.
You only really get that with closeted straight guys, or weird power-tops who just push your head down.
Which type of underwear do you think are the best?
I like to wear a cheap brand of briefs, something you buy at the surplus store.
Why do you favor those?
Because I have no money. I’m definitely not into spandexy neon mainstream gay guy underwear like that 2(x)ist-type shit. It looks tacky. I like classic underwear.
Does it ever get to a point with gay guys in the DIY punk scene, where you’ve all fucked each other?
Yeah, kind of! I always used to think that there were a lot more DIY punk weirdo gay dudes out there, but it’s actually a really small scene. It’s really, really small. I’ve literally been to every state in America, I’ve played every city, I’ve toured Europe, and it’s very uncommon to meet someone new. I know most of them personally, and I’ve slept with a bunch of them. And if I haven’t, then most of them have slept with each other, you know? There’s not much of a pool.
Maybe that scene is more discriminatory toward outsiders?
I think it maybe comes from growing up feeling like a weirdo. Even my straight friends who grew up that way are pretty discriminatory to regular or mainstream people. Growing up gay and a weirdo, I knew one other guy — and I dated him — that was interested in the same interests as me besides our sexuality.
And you clung to each other?
Yeah. I think gay dudes like us, however you want to say it, alternative gay people… I think they have their back up because they’re trying so hard to find a community of their own. But I’ve also slept with super-fucking-normal lawyer dudes, and I have no qualms about it.
What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever slept?
Slept? The band stayed in this meth house in Oregon once. We played a show there. The basement had like two feet of sewage, there were two dogs walking around, fucking each other. People were dancing barefoot…
That sounds disgusting. Was it fun?
Now it seems funny, but it wasn’t fun at the time. They set fire to the back yard and shook our van while someone was sleeping in it. It was really crazy.
Which city has the hottest boys?
Copenhagen. I have one good experience in that city. There’s a cute boy there that I met on tour.
What happened?
We just slept together. Scandinavia in general has really beautiful boys.
Your band has a song called ‘Spit Gifting’. What’s that about?
I named that song. It’s about making out, but like spitting in each other’s mouths.
Or like when fucking? Or spitting cum back in someone’s mouth…
Yeah, it could be. I think it sounds really nice. It’s got a nice rhythm to it… An internal rhyme or something.
What hanky would you wear in your back pocket?
I’d wear a mustard one.
Is that piss?
No. I’m not going to tell you, you’ll have to look it up.
Would you wear it in your left or right pocket?
Which one’s which?
Right is submissive and left’s dominant.
I’d wear it in the dominant one.

Daniel’s band, Eating Out, has an EP coming out in the fall on Suicide Squeeze Records. Cathc up with his other band, Nü Sensae, over here. Maybe he’ll tweet a picture of his dick over here.