Inside Butt:

MATMOS from San Francisco interviewed in LA by Danny Calvi and Jop van Bennekom from Amsterdam. Photography by Ryan McGinley.
Experimental Duo makes music and meets preseident at hysterical party.

1980 by Sico Carlier from Rotterdam shot in San Francisco.

MATTHIAS VRIENS from New York interviewed in Paris by Gert Jonkers from Amsterdam.
Dutch Ballet dancer turns out to be American fashion photographer.

BEN by Slava Mogutin from New York shot in New York.

ALLAN BROCKA from LA interviewed by Andy Burmeister from Paris.
Filmmaker from LA likes couples and Lego.

JOHNO DU PLESSIS from Cape Town interviewed in Amsterdam by Tim Groen from Amsterdam.
South African twin retires in Cape Town and knew Thierry Mugler.
by Tim Groen

NO SHOCK, NO SCANDAL, JUST A GAY COUPLE ON HOLIDAY IN LUCCA, ITALY by Wolfgang Tillmans from London shot in Lucca, Italy.

ROB STEPHENSON from New York interviewed in Paris by Jim Gladstone from Philidelphia. Photography by Terry Richardson.
Homo from Queens doesn’t write filth on Viagra.