KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA — I was on my way to have dinner with my roommate. When I arrived at the open air restaurant, there was a sudden power cut and the whole area fell into darkness. So I told my roommate that I was going to take a walk.

As I was walking, I passed by a guy that was smoking a cigarette. He whistled at me, but I ignored him. But he was very persistent and whistled at me for the second time. He got my attention. He saw me turn and come back, so he asked where I was headed. I told him I was going to meet up with my roommate for dinner. He asked me to stay and have a chat with him on the staircase. He asked me if I was a top or bottom, while touching my dick (which was hard). I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I told him that I was versatile, but more of a bottom with him. He grabbed my ass hard and said, ‘You got a nice ass.’ He was the first guy to ever compliment me on my ass.

He invited me to his room in a shared apartment. His room was dark and hot due to the blackout. While I was standing nervously, he was getting undressed. He came up to me naked, held me from behind and kissed my neck. It was intoxicating. He helped me take off my shirt and pants. I undressed and knelt down in front of his big dick, giving a good lick on the dick head. It was leaking pre cum (which tasted so sweet like candy). After the teasing, he laid down on the futon and asked me suck his dick from the right side, so he could play with my ass. While I was licking and sucking his dick, he got me to deep throat him and lick his hairy balls. He even fucked my mouth by thrusting in and out deeply.

After the sucking he stood up, went to get some lube, and I went on my back. He applied some lube on my ass and his dick, then he started teasing my ass so it would open up. Then he stuck in his dick head up my tight ass. I let out a loud moan because it was very painful. I have a very tight ass. So I started to do the breathing and relaxed my ass into opening up. As my ass slowly opened, he pushed it all the way in — my tears cried out a bit. Even though it was painful, it also brought the pleasure of getting fucked.

We started out with the doggie position and I could feel my ass being ripped apart by his dick. After that, we changed to the missionary position and picked up speed. As he started thrusting me hard and fast, I was trying to open up my ass as much as possible. He leaned down to suck my nipples, making me higher — felt like being fucked in heaven. We changed to the spoons position. After that, I felt like I wanted to do the cowboy position, so I got up and sat on his big hard dick.

Slowly reaching for all the inches, I started to stroke his dick with my ass, in and out deeply. He made a loud moaning joy. He knew I couldn’t get enough of his dick, so he started to thrust even faster and deeper. You could hear the sound of him pounding my tight ass. It was the most pleasurable joy ride I have ever enjoyed. After the hard pounding, he jerked off and shot the cum everywhere. I moved to the side, said ‘thank you’ and slept a while in his arms until I realized that I needed to go back to meet up with my roommate. I took a very long walk.