By Craig

NEW YORK CITY, U.S.A. — If you were at The Cock in New York two years ago on Halloween, and you got blown by a hairy ghost in a jockstrap, that was me. I knew I wanted to be a ghost for Halloween for many years, but never really got up the nerve to do it. It’s so basic, a simple child’s costume, created with a sheet and two holes cut out for eyes. I figured people would think it was lame. But they didn’t. I got appreciative laughs all up and down the street on my way to the bar. It was cold outside so I wore black long johns over a jock strap. Once I got inside and felt more comfortable, the long johns came off. And I guess the exhibitionist in me came out. I became a ghost whore.

I started by approaching a guy I fancied and pulling my sheet up and putting it down so that he and I were both under my costume, away from the prying eyes of the packed audience. There he and I made out, aggressive, wet tongue on tongue action. I put his hands on my furry butt and we grinded pelvises a bit. Then he left, and within moments I felt another guy feeling my ass through my sheet. He took a trip under my sheet, he was a handsome short Indian guy with a lovely uncut dick which he took out. I got on my knees and started sucking him off while costumed folks crowded all around. Another guy came over and got in on the action. If you’d passed by what you would have seen was a ghost on his knees while an explorer and a superhero had a sword fight in the ghost’s mouth. Neither of these guys came however, at some point I stood back up and took a breather. I danced, I watched the show, admired the clever costumes (a person wearing a mattress with ‘BEDBUGS’ written on it was my favorite) and then I got back to work.

I moved to the back where a bunch of guys were already fooling around. I flopped down on the couch, took my cock out, and started jerking off. The sheet, by this point wasn’t so neatly arranged on me, and I was rubbing my hairy body on whoever wanted it. It all just became a blur, I was sucking guys, making out, jerking guys off, and eventually they started to cum. On me. One by one they dropped a load on me, porno style, and then it was time for me to cum. I shot a naturally huge load all over my chest and grinned. Then I took the edge of my sheet and wiped all the cum off me. If someone had come up to me and asked me what I was at that early hour of the morning, I could have replied ‘A giant cumrag’ without it being a lie. I was a foul, dirty, fabulously filthy person that night. I’m still actually hoping I run into that Indian guy again because he was really hot and his dick was perfect. So if you got blown by a tall, hairy ghost at the Cock two years ago on Halloween, please let BUTT know so they can link us up again. It would be a very happy Halloween if that happened.’