True story by Flemish Alex (32) Who Licked an Amazing Ass

By Alex

ANTWERP, BELGIUM — This happened last weekend. I was in a bar and this guy stuck his hand in my jeans and he started snogging me. I had been hoping for this to happen but hadn’t seen it coming. We went to my place and undressed down to our underwear. I love to start having sex with the underwear still on. He had something Irish about him – pale skin with loads of freckles and ginger hair. He was a bit chubby and pale. He had a weird, boring pair of boxers on. I think it was lycra, tight fit. They felt kind of slippery, which was funny. He was an amazingly good kisser. He had a cold, which blocked his nose, or maybe he had done a line or something, I don’t know, but he was “sniffy,” which turned me on. It made kissing more wet, somehow. We licked each other’s tongues. He was a very tongue-y kisser. I pulled his boxers down. We were so drunk, but his cock popped out raging hard. No problem with alcohol whatsoever, bravo! I loved his cock. It wasn’t huge but it was uncut and had the right proportions. I love cocks that are really stiff. The more the erection points upwards, the better. I never have an appetite for horizontal erections, let alone semi-erections facing down. I sucked him. I put his knob in my mouth and slowly let it pop out, to take it back in again. He started fucking my face and his cock went in deeper and deeper. His cock felt really big as I was taking it all the way. He pulled out his cock and rammed it back in again with a lot of power. It felt great. He was ramming me but somehow I still managed to suck it. This went on for about 5 minutes. He moaned a lot. At the moment I felt that he was about to come, I pulled out his dick and he started sucking me off as I was lying on the bed. I have a fat uncut cock and he knew how to handle it. I’m not that much into 69-ing, sucking cock and getting sucked. I see guys doing it all the time in films but I don’t know, somehow it’s the wrong angle for sucking cock. I don’t think male bodies are made for 69-ing. It’s also a matter of focusing. As he went down on me I could concentrate on the feeling of his wet mouth around my cock. It felt like he was making love to it. He gently started to lick my head and pulled my foreskin back and forth. Slowly he took my cock deeper into his mouth. He gagged when he finally managed to take all 8 inches in. Good kissers are usually good cocksuckers. We took turns and deep kissed in between the cock-suck sessions, every time extending the moment of coming. I love to kiss with that cocky taste in my mouth. I don’t mean like dirty unwashed and cheesy, but a bit of cock taste is great. It especially tasted good in his wet mouth. We sucked and kissed forever until I thought he was about to come again. I slowly worked towards his ass. Oh my god, his ass! It was not too hairy and a kind of tight. I don’t think he’d been fucked a lot. That’s also what he said. His tight ass was great to lick, and when I kept licking his ass with long strokes, all the way from his balls towards the end of his butt crack, I could feel his ass open up. He loved it. He wasn’t just moaning anymore, he was really making a lot of noise. I tried to get my tongue inside his moist asshole, to open him up more. As I was licking and tonguing his ass I jerked off, which is one of the only multitasking things I’m capable of in bed. He said that his ass didn’t get licked and fucked that much. He had a lot of younger boyfriends that weren’t into it for one reason or another. So that’s what he really liked about me, he said. He wanted me to keep licking. To my and his own surprise he opened up so much that he was ready to get fucked, which I don’t do that often, but I was really eager to do it. He is the kind of super-cute guy who becomes even cuter and sweeter when he’s getting fucked. But first I was really keen on receiving some good ass-licking in return. This was his call! My goodness, he licked me straight into heaven; my ass got all mushy and soaking wet and he could easily slip in three fingers, to finger-fuck me. He rammed his fingers in as I was sort of half sitting/half lying on my back with my ass up high enough to receive the finger fuck treat. He pumped his fingers in so powerfully that I kept bumping against the wall. At the same time we were kissing all over. It was so hot in the room that it was unclear if we were wet from the heat, the steaming sex or the saliva – we were totally slippery and sweaty. It was dripping from his face onto mine. He stuck his tongue into my mouth and pushed his fingers in deeper. When he suddenly came, he shot his load up high, almost in my face, some cum went over my shoulder onto the pillow. Ten seconds later I shot all over his belly. I felt how my ass contracted around his fingers and how my cock exploded. We were exhausted but I turned him over to lick his ass some more, french kissing him, and kissing his ass, and his mouth again, and his ass, and I sucked his cock some more, which was still hard. I wanted him to come again but I think we fell asleep while I was still working on his ass because I can’t remember stopping.